Buy a perfect patch panel for storing using items

Buy a perfect patch panel for storing using items

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The panel is used to store the patches. Without using of panels the patches are not maintained properly. However, there is a different kind of panels are available in different shape and sizes. The small panels are fit name tabs. The tall panels are fit most patches. The morale patches are used by a wide range of people, so they want to buy panels. Moreover, the panels are made by using high-quality materials, so it comes for long life. Express your individuality by using morale patches. There are different types of patches are available such as Velcro morale patches, humorous morale patches, military morale patches and tactical morale patches. Choose the best patches from a wide collection of patches. However, the morale patch panel is used to collect the morale patches. Depending on your needs you want to choose the best patches. The panels are made by using good materials. However, make use of the patches to get a number of benefits. However, this is the best way to enhance your individuality by using a morale patch panels.

The panels contain a vast range of space, so it can fit backup patches. Apart from that, it can also use to carry your cell phone, camera, and other similar sized product items safely. If you like to carry your patches, then you want to use the panels. This is the ultimate choice and your can carry almost every smaller things in this panels. There are different shaped and size of panels are available.  Depending on your requirements you want to choose the perfect suitable panels easily through online. The reputable online mega store gives an excellent opportunity for people to select the panels from a wide range of panels. The panels are made with a perfect measurement, so you want to find the right panels with the help of panel measurement. The panel edges are finished with matching multi-cam. The long edges for hanging the nails, running cord and panel on hooks.

There are different colors are available such as black, ranger green, multi-cam, foliage and marine coyote. These are mainly used colored by a wide range of people. Apart from that, many colors are available with different measurements. The grommets are spaced well for use on the peg board.  The backing features of the panel are reinforcing stitches to prevent it from separating from the loop material. Apart from that, panel edges are finished with printed binding. The morale patch panel is used to hide your collectible hook backed highly embroidered artwork in the box. The price of the panels is very low instead of buying through other ways. Apart from that, online is the best platform to find your required panels with high quality. The panel is the best choice to collecting hanging up all at once. Starts to select the panels and lead your collecting process. The panels help to collect the items such as patches and another type of small items. Make use of the panels to collect the hooks.

Get a loan on the basis of your vehicle

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There are times in your life when you need help from others. This help can be in terms of some advice, legal aid, financial aid etc. There are many ways to get this kind of help as well, but if we talk specifically about financial aid, then you can get that from banks and other money lending organizations. Every other individual who comes under the middle class status has taken out a loan at some stage in his life. Whether it be because of electricity bills, education dues, mortgage etc. The issue is not the mere taking out of a loan. That can happen to anyone. The issue is the amount of loan you take out and the repayment of that loan. Once a loan has been taken, it’s very hard to return it back if you do not have a stable income. You have to go through a series of processes. The late payments and delays put you in debt. You are constantly under stress. Even getting a loan becomes problematic for those who have bad credit history or cannot take out loans because they cannot give their property as collateral.

There are many types of loans offered by these organizations and institutes like banks and other money lenders. For example, student loan, business loan, mortgage loan, auto loan Etc. One of the common types of loan is the personal loan. However, there are some terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled if you have no bank account or a bad credit history and are in need of a loan. Most of the times, the banks will be reluctant if offering you any loan because of your poor credit record. However, there are some money lender that is willing to give you loan of a certain amount at some conditions.  One of such organization and money lenders are Log-book Loans. They are what you need if you do not have good credit history and are looking for money to borrow.

So, how exactly are the Log-book Loans helpful to you? The best thing about this money lender I that they loan you money on the basis of the vehicle you own. Yes! It is that simple. All you need to possess is a vehicle and you can loan out an amount between £250 and £50,000. They give you a secured personal loan and you can borrow money depending on the value of your car. The higher the value of your car the more amount of loan you can take out. The advantage and the positive point of borrowing money from this organization is that although your car is taken up as collateral the vehicle still remains with the person. The owner gets to use the vehicle on the basis of which he is getting the loan. This is surely a new and innovative way of looking at loans. How much loan you can take out can be found out by using the loan calculator which is available on the official page of this company.

How To Hold The Best Conference Possible

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Holding a conference that is well attended in your industry is quite exciting. This conference can lead a company to become a thought leader in a specific industry. This makes it quite easy to sign clients as they trust that you are great at what you do. Some conferences can doom companies though as a bad conference shows poor organization and gives the company a bad name. This can be overcome but hold another conference in the near future won’t be possible. The following are some ways to have the best conference possible.

Invite Great Speakers

Bringing in some of the biggest names in the industry can be a great way to drive attendance. Not all of these people are going to have to be paid as the exposure might be enough. Allowing them to set up a booth for free in the expo area can be another way to compensate the speaker. With all of the industry giants attending your conference you need to have rules about speaking. The first thing is not to advertise their product or service as nobody came to the conference to watch a pitch. They came to be educated by some of the best and brightest in the industry. Allow some members of your team or yourself to speak as a great speech or presentation can mean immediate name recognition if the audience is large enough.

Keep Attendees Informed

Having a hashtag for an event is a great way to keep the conversation going about the topics people are speaking on.  Web calendar software is a great way to keep everyone informed as it can be synced with smartphones. What is easier than an automatic update to your phone about the time change a certain speaker is going to go on? Not much is easier than that and it allows you to market the event leading up to the event and thank people after attending.

Contact People After The Conference

The reason to hold a conference is to drive sales and name recognition of your company. It is important to reach out to everyone that has given you their card over the course of the week. Don’t bombard the people the day after the conference or on that Monday.  Your emails will just get lost with everyone else who is reaching out. For those people who you built some rapport with mention something that you talked about in the email. This can get a response quickly as it won’t read like another sales pitch.

Holding a conference can be quite rewarding in a brand image respect and monetarily. Establishing a business as a thought leader is an investment that is quite profitable in the future. Take care of the small details when holding this conference as everyone will be watching. Make your event the one that nobody can miss each year!


Kinds of loans you can obtain as a businessman or woman in Singapore

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No sane person will deny that the existence of loans has caused relieves to a lot of people in different walks of life; the truth is that the benefits of loans to people are too several, and we can’t stop emphasising them. All over the world, the idea of giving obtaining loans from loan lenders and giving out loans to borrowers is something obvious. A lot of people see it as a blessing and a way of coming out of the lake of debts, though the blessing could have negative effects in the event of the borrower defaulting, on the other hand, others see it as a source of income to them. Those that recognize it as a source of income to them are generally known as lenders, while those that borrow the loans are called borrowers.

A lot of businessmen and women in Singapore seek for loans without having even a clue of the different types of loan available to them in the country. in the absence of such knowledge, a lot of people have gotten themselves drowned in the lake of debts that they can only get out via a miracle. It is not only about getting your loans from my; the knowledge of what you are going for matters too.

Below are some of the different kinds of loans you can obtain as a businessman or woman in Singapore:

  • Secured loans

This is a kind of loan that involves the borrower submitting or presenting an/some asset/assets or property/properties as collateral to the lender or creditor for the loan. The presence of the collateral makes the debt secured or protected against the loan given to him or her, and in any way the debtor or borrower fails to repay the loan, the creditor or lender takes over the ownership of the pledged asset(s) or properties legally. The presence of collateral is what makes the loan protected or secured, and another thing is that the collateral will have an equivalent value to the loan.

  • Unsecured loans

This is a kind of loan that is the opposite of a secured loan in all ramifications, and it poses as a huge risk to the creditors or lenders involved because it is not often guaranteed, secured or protected with any kind of collateral. Another huge difference between it and a secured or protected loan is that the interest rates are not the same; in fact, the interest rates are lower in secured loans than in unsecured loans.

  • Business loans

In Singapore, there are loans given by organizations to various types of businesses in the country, these loans are not only given by organizations, banks and individuals in some cases give out such loans. After the loans have been given to some businesses, those businesses are expected to pay on a specific day with some interests. Defaulters are faced with no option but to face the consequences.

The good news is that you can contact my for the purpose of obtaining any of the loans listed above.

What are IVA and its advantages and disadvantages

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IVA’s abbreviated as Individual voluntary Arrangements are actually a kind of alternative to bankruptcy. Many people who are not aware of these terminologies, this happens when you take money from someone and fail to return it back. There are many companies who give off different kinds of loans to people. The benefit they get from giving off such amount is that when people fail to return their money, they take their property or other assets as a security. This means that if you have given your house as a security of your loan, they can take that as the compensation of their money. The consequences, like these which you have to suffer when you fail to return the loan is called bankruptcy. This is the biggest nightmare of the people who have already taken loans in one way or another.


IVA is an alternative of bankruptcy, which means that there are some benefits regarding the debtor. Following are the pros and cons of IVA’s.


Following are the advantages you can get from the IVA.

1.     Privacy:

When people get bankrupt, it was all displayed in the newspapers and other paper media. An IVA is a private deal between the lender and borrower. People don’t have to worry about the publicity of it at any point.

2.     Amount of time:

When you get bankrupt, there is a specific time limit given to you as a warning time. At this time, if you give the money back, you are saved, but in case if you fail to do that, the creditors can take all your assets and sell them in order to retrieve their money. That time is almost 1 year. An IVA can give you a minimum time limit of 5 to 6 years in which you can give back the money.

3.     Availability of credit:

Bankruptcy doesn’t allow you to get any more credit from the banks but this is not mandatory kind of a thing in the case of IVA’s. You can take as much credit as you want to give back your loan.

4.     Trade:

When people get bankrupt, the first thing that happens if they own a company is that they were removed from the authority of the CEO or director. This is necessary to save other people working in the company and there would be less effective of loan on the credibility of the company. This does not happen is a case of an IVA. You can keep your company as long as you want. This means that an IVA gives more benefits to the debtors tan to the creditors.


Apart from the many advantages of an IVA, there is one disadvantage if it too. As we know that there’s a fixed amount of money that you have to pay every month for like 5 to 6 years. This means that if you don’t pay that money, you can get into more serious troubles. Many people fail to give the specific amount at the end of every month which leads to further complications.

Mortgage broker Vaughan comes in rescue over one call

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Residents of one of the most promising countries ‘Canada’ are luckiest in comparison with citizens of other countries. All national and international banks with many financial institutions help people with easy and quick loan facility here. As a matter of fact, these organizations take every request in high esteem to help individuals in the best possible manner. However, they must ask for interest rates while providing loan but also give flexibility to overcome the financial crisis with friendly policies. All you need doing to delight with this characteristic is to hire the approved mortgage alliance service.

It is important for you to know that according to the laws of the government, it is a legal practice therefore you do not need to fear of any kind of anti-disciplinary action or punishment. To read the details about this excellent service you can depend upon the internet that displays the required info in matter of seconds while keeping you away off all kinds of expenditures. In fact, you do even not drain a single penny from the pocket. If you are facing any kind of problem to hire the best in class assistance then go for mortgage broker Vaughan service. Specialist in financial sector must help you in an ideal way while maintaining standard norms. So, be assured of dealing successfully with the problematic situations.

Avail easily

Best in class assistance is not difficult to hire as specialists are easy to reach. In fact, market is flooded with numerous options. Out of them, you can hire any according to your wish. They never depress any customer for any reason. Actually, they themselves remain keen to help more and more people because they make profit with every case. So, reach the nearest one in a confident manner.

Become great beneficiary

It is the right decision to make as it adds happiness and peace to life. Additionally, it helps to overcome the financial crisis in a smooth and easy manner. Never delay in this regard because more you delay difficult it becomes to find the easiest solution. Therefore, start the process now to deal successfully with your blues.


There are many banks across the globe which deal with defaulters with stringent policies. This constraint will not let you loose the peace of mind because all financial institutions in Canada respect the reputation and integrity of everybody. Just because of this policy, they always keep flexible attitude towards people and always try to make the best way for customers’ conveniences.

3 Frequent Stumbling blocks With an On the web Home-based business

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It really is odd just how some individuals who by no means take into account commencing a normal real world enterprise, consider they will they can commence a great on the web home-based business and also produce a bundle of money without the genuine energy or perhaps method. Why don’t we have a look at 3 key stumbling blocks in order to avoid any time commencing your own personal web business.

Regarding present day internet marketers, establishing your own personal web business can be an fascinating moment. The net offers a fantastic possibility to promote products once you need, round the clock, to be able to folks coming from around the globe. But just as lots of people have got appreciated accomplishment making use of their on the web home-based business, additional are already defeated.

This is a alarming fact in which greater than 90% of most on the web home-based business projects are unsuccessful inside their particular initial a few months. Way too many fresh world wide web internet marketers believe on the web accomplishment is straightforward understanding that their particular on the web home-based business is simply any permit to be able to art print funds. You can not press a couple of switches, settle-back and also watch for that to take place. Why don’t we have a look at 3 key stumbling blocks in order to avoid any time commencing your own personal web business.

1. Declining To take action.

Each productive businessperson can be an actions taker. Any time commencing your own personal web business, that requires greater than merely developing a internet site, getting some very nice goods about it and negotiating again looking forward to the particular revenue ahead inside. You can not believe you will acquire quick accomplishment with out investment moment and also sources directly into your organization. You must create targeted traffic toward your internet site and also continually develop the set of prospects.

a couple of. Not necessarily Constructing Interactions.

Consumers are usually the biggest market of virtually any home based web business. When you have simply no consumers, you might have simply no enterprise. If the consumers are usually taken care of poorly and also there isn’t their particular rely on and also value, they don’t obtain an individual. Be sure you generate each e mail, write-up, post, video clip or perhaps community forum submit regarding genuine folks and not engines like google. Although a few web business can be carried out about auto-pilot bear in mind it is human beings in which obtain an individual : not necessarily equipment.

3. Simply no Emphasis.

If you are establishing a web business it is possible to acquire confused with all the current diverse techniques and also approaches for enterprise progress. The truth is and also notice folks concerning some other web business masters traveling targeted traffic coming from sites, engines like google, AdWords, viral marketing and advertising, marketing with articles, social media marketing, by yourself adverts and also the rest beneath the sunshine. You can drop give attention to what your location is and also just what is best suited to your web business.

It is advisable to own a single obtaining the traffic approach traveling a lot of targeted traffic in comparison to 10 obtaining the traffic strategies in which generate lower than a single targeted approach. Dabbling together with several strategies usually usually do not generate targeted final results. Acquire good at oneHealth Physical fitness Posts, next shift on another.

3 Aspects Preventing Your organization Accomplishment On the web

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Your organization accomplishment on the net or perhaps shortage thereof will be immediately connected to your own personal perform backdrop and also private features!
Although some go surfing searching for business accomplishment many flunk inside their pursuit to get productive internet marketers!
Keep reading to find exactly why several carry out are unsuccessful on the web and also just what they could carry out to be able to effortlessly boost their particular odds of encountering enterprise accomplishment!

Your organization accomplishment on the net or perhaps shortage thereof will be immediately connected to your own personal perform backdrop and also private features! Despite the fact that many several go surfing searching for some sort of business accomplishment almost all flunk inside their pursuit to get productive internet marketers inside their very own proper! The particular issue the following is how come this kind of and also exactly what do folks carry out to boost their particular odds of developing a rewarding enterprise?

Listed below are 3 major aspects in which stop several coming from avoiding their particular ‘day job’ any time wanting to flower directly into productive internet marketers on the web!

Not enough Organizing

Several believe in which by ‘taking action’ even when it’s with out a distinct course, they can grow to be your small business accomplishment! Truth be told in which organizations huge and also tiny almost all will need some sort of ideal program set up so that you can trigger and also support some sort of progress! Merchandise perseverance and/or advancement can easily simply be performed right after some type of industry examination. When that is proven consideration has to be paid out to be able to the most likely and also successful marketing and advertising strategies to use! You are going to also must figure out what sources available with regards to economic and also your own personal moment supply! Many productive internet marketers recognize that most of the time moment will be their particular many treasured useful resource sine they’ve got simply a great deal than it and it’s also non-renewable! It is extremely frequent for many individuals to own minimum knowledge creating ideas or perhaps conditions similar to this!

Not enough Knowledge

Many rewarding organizations received like that through hazards and also creating the proper selection and also this is simply not any make a difference regarding basic weed fortune! Styles, consumer requirement and also adjustments inside method should be regarded as and also resolved every so often! Specifically functioning inside energetic world wide web surroundings productive internet marketers understand and also acknowledge in which modify will probably be steady and also modifications should be manufactured! That simply holders to be able to purpose the a lot more knowledge one has inside these kinds of concerns the more the particular accomplishment they are going to knowledge!

Not enough Determination

Oftentimes the particular individual largest obstruction folks come across any time determined for very own business accomplishment will be they may be will no longer section of any staff! Any time doing work for somebody else an individual typically have work outline in addition to given guidelines concerning what you should attain and also very often the way to take action! Constructing your own personal world wide web ’empire’ the particular money prevents together with you which usually entails that starts off together with you at the same time! Are you currently encouraged adequate that will put the complete program with each other and make sure, dailyComputer Engineering Posts, which it receives applied? To be able to do it yourself inspire is probably the largest distinctions among productive internet marketers and also evening dreamers! A single basically ponders the particular ‘possibilities’ even though the some other tends to make these kinds of opportunities their particular fact!

The particular truth will be your enterprise accomplishment on the web is quite significantly something of your personal backdrop and also perform behavior! Productive internet marketers realize total properly in which to create any rewarding enterprise organizing and much self-control will probably be necessary! For anyone utilize to be able to doing work for somebody else they will generally have tiny knowledge inside these kinds of locations simply because they have been constantly following guidelines regarding other folks! That basically reduces as a result of knowing in which being your own personal manager you need to in reality glenohumeral joint people obligations at the same time when business accomplishment is usually to be the one you have on the web!

How to Start an Online Business – 7 Steps You Need to Follow

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Complete Video Transcript

0:02hi this issue
0:03backer in today’s task is about how to start
0:06in and mine business this is a question that
0:10and for several lot of people’s minds actually looking to make extra money and
0:16is starting up an online business something that
0:20appeals to people for the idea of it appeals to people
0:25they don’t necessarily nose and tail I may give you some tips them
0:28tell you what is involved in starting up
0:33your and nine this so let’s get started here now
0:37you see a lot of people talking and videos in there
0:40their white Ford but I like to do things different okay like to do things
0:44different so I’m going to you
0:47I have my little grease for here and I just idealism
0:50a mobile one so I could just talk if you sit here waitin for my computers at a
0:54stand now look
0:55as well to staff me so listen the first thing that you have to do
1:00when you are trying to you or want to start
1:04online business and figure out how to set up an online business
1:07first thing you need to do is you need find
1:11need in Philip it really is as simple as that you’re looking for a particular
1:17people you once you get front and
1:21you want to find out what their pain points are what do you think the
1:25and then what can you of them to fill that need as the absolute first thing
1:30you need to do you when figuring out how to start an online business
1:36the second thing you need to do is
1:39me right happy cells
1:43write copy that sells where is that mean well
1:47you have dependency on your website
1:50you hear emails that you can send out as things
1:54and Facebook at this time things you wanna have headlines
1:59that create interest something is going to be interesting
2:02your target you gonna want to describe a problem that they have
2:06what’s your price that you have how this solves that problem
2:11that is something that’s going to engage them always want to think about that you
2:15know establish yourself as a credibility
2:17talk about what you do how long you’ve been doing it
2:21NYU can help themselves their problem
2:24and and everything that you need to do in here when you’re rating caffeine
2:28think it’s really important you can makin offer
2:32but you cannot forget your call to action
2:35in good Kathy there’s a flow you create your interesting headline you engage the
2:40user you talk about their problem
2:42and it’s available the sow that if possible use testimonials
2:47in your gonna make an of very making
2:50fair you always have an offer for people that’s why you’re contacted them because
2:55you had a you define their interest in the in the first at and
3:00fine from finding a solution to it so you can make it offer you
3:04right after them create some urgency in ask for the sale
3:08call to action forget to do that okay
3:11those are the first two steps and learning how to use started an online
3:16third step year is
3:19yet easy to use website in easy to use website
3:24that means its easy to navigate
3:27its easy for people to get around you know you wanna have something that’s
3:32understand one thing
3:35I will say is that mixture
3:39your website is already led
3:42using mobile devices today and you want to make sure that they can pull that up
3:45and their mobile so it just might
3:49tip their so design in bill
3:53a website that is easy to navigate
3:57and very well okay force the fourth step in
4:01year is to drive affect what does that mean something no traffic is some
4:07you traffic is eyeballs on your content you want people to see
4:13your fair euless proposal your
4:16×1 Kathy your website so you’ve got to drive traffic
4:20do this organically through search engines by getting year
4:25content rank in search engines or you can do this with PPC or Pay Per Click
4:30advertising and there’s many stretches the use
4:33in itself there is that fourth
4:36thing you want to do you starting up here line anything that we want to do
4:41is you weren’t you rain and
4:44yourself brand yourself this means who are you
4:48what are you about what is the message the you want it delivered
4:52people your face in your name are presumably Avro over this content
4:57and you need to brand yourself you want to pick
5:01a bitch and stay with in its
5:04so that people can know what to associate the pictures in the cunt
5:09the they see that you put out there you want them to associate with you
5:12so think about how you want to brand yourself the creative this
5:16but this is fun again
5:19brand yourself 6 thing that you wanna do you
5:23is email marketing you wanna learn email marketing
5:27this is Kat following up with your customers
5:30okay you want to do this is what we refer to you
5:34in the airline industry is building your less
5:37now you fill their excellent website that we talked about point
5:40for their you want you make sure that you click
5:44for your ex website that captures
5:47people’s email addresses offer something
5:50value to people they can or
5:54something that they’ll find valuable you are you I it’s in exchange for their
5:58email address you wanna filled the email list because you’re sending out emails
6:04periodically to people search build a relationship
6:08and that’s really important in the online world because people like to get
6:12a chance to get to know like and trust you just like they do you
6:15outside in the Internet in email marketing allows you to do that
6:19okay the next at and how to start your online business
6:23is the act and with
6:26up selling back and with up selling what does that mean
6:29well when somebody produce a purchases the product from
6:32you you want to make sure when you file people
6:3627 offers to relevant tools or products that fit that may help them
6:42in addition to what they Rd purchased okay you want to be able to follow
6:47happen next it’s not been passed its considering things
6:50see me on these things any the
6:53follow up with them in up sell them that’s not really up selling
6:58if you’re tying into but the with the person
7:01re: told you that they needed are using
7:04that’s called providing they are you to people
7:07so those are the seven steps how
7:11to star an online business find the needed fillip
7:15rate copy that sells creating easy to use website drive traffic to it
7:21for and yourself as well ever tell X for and that’s the issue
7:25are follow up with email marketing to establish relationships with a customer
7:30back and up selling with the products that you are
7:34a one thing with me and you this might be overwhelming to you if you’re not
7:39exactly %uh this means anything I’m das said lobster
7:42Iran and in the world do I start
7:46well listen I it I’m like that to you I am very system and again I like to find
7:51systems that help me to accomplish these types of things I
7:55actually involved online business where
8:00they there’s a huge nets they found a huge nets
8:03and they have a huge need that needs to be filled its
8:08Justin huge I’ll they by
8:11me happy that sells
8:14they have provide me with and easy to use website
8:17it’s so easy to post content and as a higher authority
8:21very simple is the use easy navigate
8:24it’s awesome day actually
8:28me my team rights traffic they teach you how to drive in traffic but they will
8:32provide you very
8:34highly targeted traffic you can purchase also
8:38okay no branding yourself this is where I to be creative I think the brand
8:42myself however
8:43I however I want and nobody should be there for you you should be there
8:46yourself is only know
8:48you know what your okay number six
8:51they provide man on messages
8:54and then I respond or not you can say also send your message is that they
8:58provide done for you
8:59email marketing I need to do is get a set are responding that’s what they’re
9:03called set it up
9:04and they’ll provide you with emails to send out to your
9:09science n Pay Act and up selling do you have
9:12there available also so listen
9:16this the reason why I point it out to people is because you’re here you wanna
9:19know how to start out and online business
9:23now if you already have something in mind that school that’s great
9:26you have a sub steps that you need to follow if you don’t hear
9:29something and you just want to get an fine
9:33please go ahead in read the description blog posts
9:37below and see id it business that I am talking about here that provide you with
9:42all these different 7 sorry they provide you with
9:456 up the steps because you know you are only
9:48you we don’t want to bring you want a brand new but right 60 those steps
9:53for you got to help you sISTAR
9:56your online business and get going so again do check that information out if
10:01you are so interested I hope you enjoyed this information I hope you enjoyed that
10:05way I presented it
10:06just a little bit different from standing up at the white board with my
10:10by the American nothing against that but you know it’s fun to shake it up a
10:13little bit
10:14and do something fun because I am a serious matter
10:18but I like this is Julie Becker will be enjoyed
10:22learning how to start an online business

FSG 14 Business Plan Presentation Race UP – Winners 2014

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Complete Video Transcript

0:48o dirigente
0:57mas esta pode ser sua
1:01o mpls
1:07no ano seguinte zezinho
1:12a decisão da seção fluminense
1:20com os anos ricky em seguida
1:29aos 13min
1:36a perseguição
1:56em seguida liberados
2:03ponderei muito perigo
2:08além disso ele
2:14nelsinho disse selic
2:16por isso decide
2:52o ministro palocci
3:08os direitos do homem
3:17era filho do ex-presidente do conselho
3:21rose bridges
3:34antes do meio-dia
4:10as meninas
4:13a família simpson
4:15nesses municípios
4:21limites de terras quilombolas
4:27cinco minutos depois
4:36ele ensinou uma receita
4:47com 101 bilhões
4:49a escola
4:55faz tempo
4:59é algo muito estranho
5:17o nosso melhor
5:19deveria decidir isto agora
5:22no final de maio
5:28o club med
5:35los angeles
5:45melhor ainda
5:49os espaços
5:53- eu sei
5:54as pessoas vêm aqui no paparazzo
5:58ao meu lado
6:02paralelamente o estado de israel
6:07na ação ajuizada
6:10o rio de janeiro
6:14as tradings 30 dias
6:17os exames
6:33edgar afirma cintra
6:49tenho leis em tiririca
6:53neste sentido
6:54o conflito armado
6:57só que gritavam ao barcelona
7:03a vinda ao brasil
7:08o milho e soja
7:29a crise actual
7:31gabrielli revelou
7:33o rio aquidauana
7:37para wenger que eu tenho
7:40ao tocá-la
8:46meu amigo de todos
9:32apenas 15 dias
9:43ele tem que fazer
9:51é simples