Small Business Finance ? Tips for Finding a Suitable Deal

If you are in a small business then very often you may be requiring funds to meet various expenses. Keeping in view of growing needs of an upcoming business, the lenders have Small Business Finance for your specific requirements. However, before you apply for the loan, ensure that you are well prepared for borrowing funds in a beneficial way. You must first of all be precise on the purpose of the loan. This is essential as the lender will like to know about it along with all the details of your business.

You must take extensive financial history of your business to the lender. This should be done keeping the main aim of providing all the information which a lender may require for taking a timely decision on the loan. Go to the lender with a business plan that includes three years of financial statements. This will help the lender in assessing your repaying ability.

It is advisable that before approaching a lender for small business finance, you must check your credit rating. Take the copy of your credit report and ensure that it is free of any errors as any misrepresentation of your payment facts, may have wrong impression on the lender.

Then decide whether you need finance for long or shorter term. If you require greater funds then the lender will ask for collateral that consists of any residential or commercial property. Such a secured loan has the advantage of lower interest rate also. In case you need smaller finance for day to day running of the business, then the lenders should be asked for unsecured loans which come without collateral clause. Interest rate however will be higher and repayment duration shorter.

Business people with bad credit history should first make efforts to improve credit rating. But even if they have multiple problems like arrears, defaults, late payments, CCJs etc, still finding a lender is not difficult if your business has the capability to repay the loan in timely manner.

There are many online lenders in the field of small business finance. These lenders have competitive rate offers. Take their rate quotes for finding out a suitable deal for your business.

Business And Finance – Easiest Ways To Avail Funds

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Top Ten Tips to Improve Business

When big companies such as Lehman Brothers and Enron and a lot of smaller ones go into sudden collapse it can be scary. In order to stop the same thing happening to your business then you need to always be aware of how you can improve your business. Below are some tips which could help you to do just this:

1. Cross-Selling – this is selling other items which complement the ones you already sell in order to bring in more money. This could be anything form batteries and spare parts to containers and accessories.

2. Increase Prices – this might seem mad, especially in a recession. However, it may just open up the business to a different type of customer who is prepared to pay more for an item and the profit margin for you will be bigger as a result.

3. Improve your Yellow Page ad – you may not think that it is that useful, but many people find that it is an excellent way to advertise. If you can have something that stands out then that should help you to find more customers.

4. Improving marketing – marketing may seem like something that is too expensive or it may feel that it is too late now that you have a product. However, it can be very useful to find out what customers are looking for. Increase word of mouth and brand recognition by getting custom promotional items to give your potential clients.

5. Monitor the Flow of Cash – this is so important as you need to be aware of whether you are spending more than you are getting in. Keep track of this so that you can cut unnecessary costs and make sure that the items you are selling are profitable. It is easy to do and well worth the time investment.

6. Profit Tax Myth – many people think that an increase in revenue will increase taxes and so is not good. However, tax is charged on your profits so if you have an increase in costs as well then tax will not go up.

7. Stay open minded – it is important to keep an open mind to new ideas so that you can keep improving. Do not get stuck in a rut as customers wants change and so should you.

8. Provide good customer service – this is essential if you want customers to come back and to recommend you to others.

9. Keep Quality High – it can be tempting to cut corners to keep prices down but customers appreciate good quality. Keep everything good your buildings, car, staff uniforms and product so you project a good image.

10. Trust employees – it can be tempting to not trust the capability of employees but it is important to hire ones that you can trust so that you can relax.

Unsecured Business Loans- Finance Your Business

Do you want to start your own business, but just holding back because of the financial constraints? Or, do you need to pour some fresh investment in your business? Don’t worry, because starting and running a business was never as easier. With unsecured business loans you get the right initiative, your business requires. Adequate finance and the ease to pay the loan back may fulfill the dream you have been savoring for long.

Delving into the details of these loans

As the name itself is self explanatory, unsecured business loans intend to finance you for your business. Whatever ends you may be pushing your finances through to start a new business or finance your already running business, unsecured business loans can afford for that. Either to buy the machines, to register your business or for the construction of the plant, these loans help you to afford all these.

These loans are unsecured types of loans and hence you don’t need to mortgage collateral against it.


Interest rates may end up being the deciding factor for you opting for the loan or not. With unsecured business loans, you have the ball in your court. You do not have to mortgage any collateral against unsecured business loans and hence you are free from the tension of repossession of your property. But, because of the risk involved at the moneylender’s end, these loans come at high interest rates which normally are around 10% to 22%.

With new business loans you may be credited anything from £15,000 to £ 250,000, depending on the evaluation the collateral you are mortgaging.

Searching these loans

Unsecured business loans are provided by many banks, financial institution or lending organizations. The best thing is that, you can easily search for these loans online and even apply for these. However you must thoroughly search the data available and seek for every detail for the terms and conditions.